Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Why Would You Want To Stick Around and Read My Blog?

Well, there are alot of reasons-maybe you like the red beret in my picture ( gotta look the part of an artist!) or maybe it's because you like conspiracies like I do (you don't really believe our government is really telling us everything about 911 do you?) - or maybe it's because you like a writer with a sense of humor about life (what other choice do I have?) - or maybe it's because you like art (I have plenty- they don't call me "theartistchick" for nothing!)
But seriously, I have something worthwhile to contribute to your life. I'm a been there, and done that kind of chick plus I'm pretty nice to boot. I love helping people, I'm kind and sincere so I won't pull any punches here - you'll get some of the straight stuff here that you might not read about in the Mainstream Media. So stick around - you might find you like it here and come back often!
(Oh and by the way- those links on my blog? Those are articles I've written- check them out- you might find something of interest to you)

1 comment:

lissie said...

Nice to see some of your backstory here Dorsi - its fun getting know more about the people behind the pics